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The Greater Joy In Giving A Candle

For Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, house warming or just to say thank you …. a candle is a welcome gift, particularly if it’s a wonderfully scented candle.

The candle creates moods as well as for adding fragrance to your surroundings …. decor is just waiting for a fragrance. Consider giving a candle to someone who enjoys taking bubble baths. Add a scented candle to the experience, and the person can enjoy a relaxing bath with light fragrance to soothe the mind and body. Or give your favorite couple a lovely scented candle to add a romantic atmosphere to an evening at home. The soft light from a candle in a small area creates a feeling of intimacy for those basking in its glow. Add a fragrant candle to a gift basket to provide an even greater surprise for your friends. Include it with bath salts, massage oils, body scrubs, or a soft music CD for the perfect romantic or pampering gift.

“What can I give?” is a well used phrase. Scented candles make wonderful gifts. See the pleasure in they eyes as the fragrance is appreciated. It’s no coincidence that the eyes are located just above the nose!

So, as we head into the holiday season, don’t forget to include the gift of a scented candle for your closest friends, relatives, customers or hostesses.