Candles With A Purpose

Complete Your Décor With Full Bodied Fragrance

The candle has played an important role in the hospitality industry ever since people started to travel away from the familiar comforts of home. Sandalwood lighted candleThe welcoming light in the distance may have changed with the advent of modern technology but the sentiment remains. The décor, the ambience, the comfort, the food, the cleanliness, the warm welcome are all reflected in the efforts of the housekeeper on behalf of her guests ….. striving to provide that same comfort with the desire for the guests to come again. Hospitality has the usual problems with guests smoking in their rooms … or other unpleasant odours wafting through reception areas. From the bed-and-breakfast guesthouse to the lodge or hotel … or even in your own home … the flickering candle is still a familiar and welcome sight.


Always the acceptable gift, our candles have a place in the gift shop. They make wonderful gifts for all kinds of occasions, especially when presented in organza bags.

The Supermarket Pack

  The Candle Comfort range of candles makes an attractive display on the supermarket’s shelf. Candles are for all seasons and occasions with year-round customer appeal.

Packed in colourful plastic containers, the barcoded candles provide the customer with a wide choice of ‘Candles With A Purpose’ for their home. Packed for protection, the containers are stackable for optimum use of shelf space.

Economy Pack

Economy Candle Pack

  Our standard full bodies fragrant candles are economically packed and priced accordingly.

Favoured by hotels, restaurants, health spas and gift shops.

Popular at weddings and functions.

Dispatched countrywide.

Health and Beauty Spa

The highly scented candles are wonderful for relaxing and de-stressing as part of the therapy.

Nothing better than a full body massage with soft lighting, relaxing music and a fragrant ambience ….. the height of pampering!


The timeshare industry endeavours to provide each new guest with the freshest of accommodation. What better than to arrive to a welcoming aroma.

What Makes Candle Comfort Candles Special?

Different sized candles in their holders Our candles use a special blend of South African waxes for optimum performance. They are hand-poured and each candle is designed to form a pool of molten wax from which the fragrance evaporates into the room or down the corridor.

The fragrance is added to the wax prior to pouring to ensure top-to-bottom fragrance. And we take pride in the fact that our scents are full-bodied.

The self-trimming wick controls the size of the flame by bending back on itself. The need to dig the wick out of the wax before relighting it, is avoided. However from time to time it may be necessary to trim the wick to 10mm.

The candles are 65mm high x 60mm diameter and their burn time is 24 hours.

Candle Comfort manufactures candles which not only add to the atmosphere of your well-planned décor, but envelop you in a truly fragrant, truly comfortable environment.

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